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kkkat....whaattt [entries|friends|calendar]
bianca the fuckin italian

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[26 Jun 2005|05:25pm]
Last night was crazy but i was happy to party with all the west bloomfield girls!


Jade and Kaylin call me
5 i love catherine % ;bitch;

[24 Feb 2005|04:11pm]
fuck the po po, especially when they bust into your house at 4:30 in the morning.
3 i love catherine % ;bitch;

funny shit [18 Jul 2004|12:55pm]
all i remember about dayna's house was jesus saying he loves me, talking about politics with dave, and holding hands with christy oh yeah i remember sitting in a closet thinking the police will never find me here. sorry dayna! we will do it at my house and you can puke and ill clean it up. i heard jesse took pictures?!?!
1 i love catherine % ;bitch;

[01 May 2004|01:22pm]
only four days of having a license. damn
12 i love catherine % ;bitch;

[24 Mar 2004|05:19pm]
new/old friends please.
11 i love catherine % ;bitch;

[25 Feb 2004|02:21pm]
im home from california now
3 i love catherine % ;bitch;

[05 Feb 2004|01:38pm]
this shit is lame
6 i love catherine % ;bitch;

[23 Jan 2004|01:11pm]
happy birthday brenty
4 i love catherine % ;bitch;

[21 Jan 2004|05:49pm]
our gang will come kill you, well first we will bump into you in the halls repeatedly
7 i love catherine % ;bitch;

[10 Jan 2004|10:21am]
who is a walled lake nothern varsity cheerleader, wait were you about to say courtney trapp and sawah lesner? oh well YOUR RIGHT :)
3 i love catherine % ;bitch;

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